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Kings Road Miniatures is a small but focused manufacturing company created to produce figures for a genre often overlooked in the scale miniatures hobby.

We strive to produce figures that embody the spirit of their time. Our focus is toward civilian, rather than military subjects, who inspire interest without a strict color palette. In choosing which figures to produce, we consider physical character, attire and renown or notoriety. We also strive to produce female subjects on at least a one-in-three proportion.

In regards to the production process, once a subject is agreed upon, a master sculptor is approached with the concept. If the project is agreed upon, the artist is left alone with a few suggestions. Upon completion of the sculpture, the original 'master' or 'green' is delivered. It is then cast as a resin copy for the final production of lead-free, white metal figures in our venerable spin-caster.

Our figures are produced as kits, with some assembly required. They are not intended for small children. Bases are not included. Packaging is comprised of sturdy tin boxes handy for storage of all manner of hobby bits and materials.

Kings Road Miniatures currently produces two figure lines in 1/32nd scale; Aviation Pioneers and Silver Screen Icons. We hope you enjoy them.

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